Black Ice in Paris!

IMG_5524.JPGFantastic news! These two copies of my handmade and self-published book will be on gallery display in Paris, France from November 1st to the end of the year! That’s 2 months – I hope many people will have the chance to experience it hands on.

For all the others who can’t be in Paris, here’s the info and photos of the book on my website:


IMG_5678.JPGCatwalk: Was walking around Kobe looking for a new signature hat this weekend. I didn’t find a hat, but I found this impromptu fashion show instead, for which the staff of all the different clothes shops in that shopping mall were modeling themselves.

P.S: I know you want to see the models, but for some insane reason I only shot them on film (I never learn from past mistakes), so it will take another 2836268 years to get that developed. I hope you remember my “This is why film sucks” blog post here:
Well, I found a million new reasons, so a part 2 may be due